Most of us have heard the reign "Never impart a dog chocolate because it can be highly contagious to the dog." However, various may not cognize how truthful that statement is.

I did not cognize the rigour of this for a protracted time. Growing up, my parents would buy a bag of M&M's for our dog all Christmas and consequently reward her near one or two all day or so. Since this ne'er seemed to fuss her, I ever taken for granted that this was retributive a story.

But, it is NOT a myth!

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Chocolate contains a stimulative called theobromine which is toxic to pugs - and dogs in at-large. The plea that a dog may be competent to eat drink short any ill-effects is that not like types of drink include opposing levels of theobromine. The amount of drinkable eaten up and the size, age and health of the dog besides frolic a cause.

There are distance to ascertain how substantially of what strain of cocoa is harmless for your pug. However, it is likely unexcelled to righteous shy distant from intake your pug any chocolate. This therapy takes the theorize toil out shrewd the precise amount and keeps your pug from lacking much and more.

So now that drink is out, what can you do to more make a hash of your pug this Valentine's day? If chocolate is your situation - or your pugs point - in attendance are a number of false chocolates that your pug will be passionate about. We have found a retailer that makes many "finer" dog treats at "regular" dog-treat prices. Go to to get a nexus to a number of terrible - and athletic - Valentine's Day treats for your pug.

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